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Little Ramblers

Lots of fun today with smaller explorers and helpful adults guiding hands and feet at the farm. These new little people made the animals curious, even Elmo the cat and the old red hen came around to visit.

It was a happy circle of children as we looked at last years nests and poured out some seeds in to cups to hide for the many busy birds. We made a quiet sneak to a hidden nest which just today changed from eggs to baby birds.

Making some land art together matched our story "The Secret" by Lindsay Barrett George which ended with a feeling of love between two snails. Here is our special heart made with pine needles, a few sticks and pine cones.

It was a perfect warm day to get our feet wet, turn over some rocks and look out for critters. This littler waterway is full of clay, so we molded our own nests and some worms too!

Everyone was feeling proud to show off handmade creations.

Sometimes a little quiet time with your toes in the water is just what is needed on a new adventure.

The ponies were certainly interested in this new gang. Jester says he would like more carrots next time:)

Happy trails until next week forest friends.


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