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Magical Mystery Tour

Stick with us as our footsteps lead to mysterious tidbits of information like; it eats its weight in food everyday. We make informed guesses until the final clue where we discover this mammal weighs on 2.5 oz. See if your child can share new facts about what loveable critter we learned about today.

Maybe you can get a demonstration of how these small rodents clip grasses into tiny, tidy piles. What are these critters afraid of and what sound do they make when frightened? Check in on some math skills with a question about how many babies in each litter and how many litters each year. What are their nests made out of and can you make one? Tamarack heard an amazing fact about the number of Meadow voles per acre - anyone remember this?

Cedar Hideaway looks so different now with snow melting and the water level high. What did your child do at wander-time today? Looks like the fish are biting!

Our stop in at the Mill for snack gave us time to think more about springtime with our book, 'A Seed Is Sleepy’, an awesome journey with seeds on the wind, riding ocean currents, and waiting naked inside cones. You may want to check this book out for a repeat read at home. We sound pretty good singing our new songs at the Mill as well. Next week we are looking forward to a spring melody called ‘Inch by Inch’. Stay tuned! We all love singing ‘I Love You Mother Nature’.

What’s an initiative task? See what answer you get to this query. We definitely showed initiative in our two activities after lunch. Both had a specific goal which required the full team to complete. Ask about Bear Claw and Rushing River. What was your group trying to achieve? How did you do it? What did it feel like when you succeeded?

Library was all about spring today, growing things and fun. Your child will come home with a neat experiment in their activity booklet. Ask about the story today and what signs of spring the main character was waiting for. Thanks to Mrs. Eastman for showing off her garden bulbs and including us in a new scavenger hunt around the library. What was this hunt all about?

Our trip to visit tree friends in Mystery Forest might look a bit like a doctor’s check up. What were we listening for? Leaving a land art piece to welcome spring to our tree friend tapped in to some nice collaboration, imagination and inspiration to add more detail. Owl and Penguin love these tasks; Hummingbird, Sunflower Daisy are close neighbours and always treat their tree friends in a special way; Raccoon and Elk work so well as a team; while Larch and Eagle take time to think and then get creative. Mystery Forest will be changed again when we visit in a few weeks.

Enjoy your child's journal tonight. Take a trip together along the voles tunnels to discover facts leading to a small grass nest awaiting the next litter. Add to this entry by including more pictures or words.

We love when adults come to learn along wtih us. Welcome to River who is studying to become a teacher and LOVES environmental education. We will see her again next week. Tamarack is everyones best tree friend who loves growing along with us!

See you at the farm next week Forest Friends:)


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