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Mighty Oaks to Tiny Acorns

The spring session of Acorns and Oaks began today at Stoneridge Farm. Nature Mentors Denise and Gail were happy to welcome our little “acorns” (toddlers) and their “oak trees” (caregivers) to learn how to connect with nature, move and wander in nature and make some new friends.

After some quick introductions around the “Chickadee Circle”, the group found that we have our senses to help explore outdoors. Two eyes, two ears, two hands but only one nose. As the “oak trees” headed out to the trail, they were challenged to use the following questions to the “acorns”. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? These were some of the answers. I see a purple flower. I see a bird. I hear a bird. I see a wiggly worm. I smell a yellow flower. I see water on the leaves. What does your child remember about what they saw, heard or smelled?

Later up in the loft, it was time for a snack while a short story called Little Acorn was read by Denise. It was fun to walk and climb on the hay and straw in the loft.

Down on the trail, there was a tall oak tree but there weren’t any leaves on the tree. “Acorns” were able to find leaves from the oak tree on the ground. James found the hidden plastic green egg. What did your child take out of the egg? What did it feel like?

Does your child remember the Tippie Trail? Sometimes walking slower and with our arms out helps us keep our balance.

While at Pine Haven, the horses were close by and Gail guided the group to pet the horses safely. The little stream was making noises as it flowed by. To check which way it was flowing, we threw some sticks into the water. A simple tool like a water dropper can also be a lot of fun. Birdseed was left in special spots for the birds. Are there other animals that might eat the birdseed too?

I Spy games and scavenger hunts are great little activities to keep your child moving and to start connecting with and seeing nature. Some paper oak leaves of different colours were hidden along the trail and all of them were found by the “acorns” with a little help from their “oak trees”.

It was fun to get a little wet and muddy today at Stoneridge Farm. I wonder if the oak tree will have leaves on the tree next week?


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