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More to Explore at the Pond

Tuesday was World Turtle Day! The Turtles spent some time looking and learning about another water animal, frogs. It was a pond of blue as all wore a blue shirt, hat, or pants. Blue was our special colour of the day. Ask your child what the word of the day was?.

Getting to know more about frogs we played some games and read some books. We even learned some frog songs. Ask your child what frogs start out as and if they are in the water as a baby or on the land? Frogs eat a lot of bugs and today there were a lot of bugs in the forest. What animal could eat a frog? We played a game with a predator and everyone else was a frog trying to get food. Frogs can move in different ways depending on if they are in the water or on the land. We played a hopping game which kept everyone busy. Camouflage. What does it mean? We played a game where camouflage helped to keep ‘the frogs’ from being found.

We also looked and learned about other animals we might find in a pond. There was a great story called “Around the Pond: Who’s been here?” by Lindsay Barrett George. Everyone had fun guessing about what kind of animals live around a pond. Does your child remember some of the animals from this book? We also thought about how baby animals might not look exactly like the adult or grown up version. What animal did your child have to find the adult for? This animal may also be found in your child’s Pond Book. Have your child share their book with you.

When we finally got to look at what lives in the pond and were ready with nets. Small bugs we found were popped into containers to have a closer look. Ask your child what they enjoyed about looking for pond creatures. Ask them what they didn’t like about looking for pond creatures. We are all excited to find a baby dragonfly called a dragonfly larva, water boatman, a predaceous diving beetle and a few isopods.

Of course, we also visited Mystery Forest for our snack time. During our exploring time we were able to find Jack-in-the-Pulpit again. We need to watch where we step. We don’t want to step on ‘Jack’!

We were all around Harrington Pond today. Mystery Forest, Cedar Hideaway, Butterfly Hill….there’s just so much to do and learn at nature school. Thanks to Raccoon for his excellent picture taking and for Mourning Dove for the caring so much for all our Turtle Friends!


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