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Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning!

The kiddos arrived in colourful rainsuits, pink boots, tassel hats, and chunky mitts. It seemed as they piled out of cars, that a rainbow had arrived at the farm. The rainbow, however, warned of a stormy start with some tired footsteps mixed with a sprinkle of morning grumps. Lucky we have some highly trained parent units who are able to negotiate through troubled waters and bring children back into a mindset for some pretty awesome learning experiences.

Our arena sand pit turned out to be a place we could all agree was fun and relaxing. Getting some ‘loosy goosy’ time together helps parents and kids reconnect.

Our focus was trees, and matching letters brought us to some of the many tree species on the farm. Today it was Norway Maple, Beech, Hawthorn, Sycamore and Crab Apple. Feeling the bark helps us notice the difference in the ‘skin’ of each tree type.

Snack in Pine Haven is always so beautiful. We now know why it is GREAT to be a frog even if you’re wet, slimy, and eat bugs. The story ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Frog’ brought lots of characters in with a surprise ending with a SLURP! Worth a second read I think:).

What do trees need to grow strong and healthy? This is a question we turned into a scavenger hunt; spying the yellow sun, blue water, green air, or amber soil cards along the trail. Matching them together at the end shows the big amounts of each trees need. Of course we had to fit in a slide!

Moving back to the farm at our own pace seemed like a good choice today….loosy goosy once again:). Some returned for one last play in the sand pit (with that special orange car), patted the horses along the fence, or visited the hens and Bubbles the duck for some quieter feeding time.

It was so great so see everyone again. I am left with a HUGE amount of respect for the patience and love these parents show everyday to our future world leaders.

See you next time Forest Friends:))


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