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Survial can be summed up in three words....never give up!

Choosing a site, finding the perfect branch, tying knots, making tent pegs, securing a ground sheet, and even making a trip line for unwanted guests, can be important to surviving in the wilderness. Thankfully our chickadee group is up to this task and they were able to get settled into their cozy shelter before dark. Teamwork is an important life skill, and this was practiced in getting the campsite set up with everyone feeling included. Ask your child about their shelter. What was your site like? How did you get set up? What materials did you use? Tell me about the jobs you did within the group? We are happy to report that everyone made it back in great shape!

We took time to add a sketch of our shelter in our nature journals and added labels for some of the features. Ask to see this page in your child’s journal. We even read a story in the Curiousity Cabin.

Tree friends are always there to teach us to notice and record descriptions of bark, leaves, or tree size/shape. See if your child knows all 10 tree friend species and can add one word to describe each. This is a BIG task and we would be happy if they remember a few:). Beech has smooth bark.

The farm has some puppy visitors right now and we took care to help them along with some training. Ask about how we treat puppies that jump up and what are some ways we can help them learn to play with us gently. Our vet came to do a check up. See if your child remembers what the vet did and why?

Time with the horses and chickens is always special. Check in about which animal your child chose to spend time with today. Talk about what interests them about this animal.

The time just flew by today. Daisy and I agreed that it was an amazing day of collaboration and learning. We will miss Daisy for a few weeks as she has a special trip with family. We welcome a new retired teacher who is very keen to join us on this unique adventure.

I know all about the wishes for more time in the hayloft next week Forest Friends:). Happy trails.


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