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Where the 'Wonder' is

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Wonder is found in the places that are becoming familiar. Following clues to reach a destination and sharing the lead role. On the hunt; fast feet, curious minds, and keen observer eyes lead us to the treasure!.

Community members bring their own brand of wonder by sharing skills from careers like engineering and teaching, historic practice, and a whole world of life experience. These partners show us how to measure the future bridge span across the pond and bring history to life through handmade crafts.

Today we created our own stenciled flour bags for our nature journals (just like the ones early settlers brought home with their newly milled flour to bake bread). Our library facilitator taught us to be considerate of the critters in our own backyards, and take action to support diversity.

We are so thankful to people like Michael, Mrs Miller (Betty), and Shelley for joining our group today, taking time to enrich our learning at nature school. A big thanks also to Snowy Owl (Kelly) for keeping us organized, making sure each child has a wonder-filled day - and that they all go home with their belongings:).

Our visitors seem to enjoy themselves too...

We invite your family to go on their own scavenger hunt to discover the new knowledge your children gained today. Ask your child about...

* How does the Great Horned Owl talk with their ear tufts?

* What is the wing span of the GHO, which is bigger the female or male?

* How many eggs do they lay and how big are they?

*Tell me about some of the songbirds who might visit our birdfeeders?

* What did you add to your nature journal?

* How do you make a birdfeeder with materials that won't leave garbage outside?

* What are you hoping to do or learn on your next visit to Coyote Nature School?

Another wonderful day of sharing with our forest friends. Have a safe and happy Easter all!


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