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You've got a friend in me

Today was a 'cowfolk' celebration to capture our time on the farm, but we really were celebrating the important friendships formed this year. We have seen every child blossom; take on things beyond their comfort zone, show greater perseverance and patience with themselves and others. This happens when you're surrounded with caring and support. We have become a strong team with a ‘can do’ attitude. Here's how this team brought home the final day of 2022/23!

Our pony herd have become familiar equine buddies. Jester, Libby, Sable, Gus and Scarlet have been here the longest, but some may remember baby Percy. Our first task was to prepare our horse for the ‘show off’ time in the ring. What did your team do to make your horse look their very best?

Even painted toenails!!!

Our friend Mustang was great in showing how to tack up the horse.

The first event was barrel racing. See if you can get a description of the pattern run by the horses. Who won the first event? If your child ran the barrels, do they recall how many seconds it took? Did the kids times beat the equines? (YES!)

The next event was Obstacle course. This gets the horse ready for riding on trails where there are logs, gates or sudden noises. What did the horse and rider do in this event? Did your child try it? Which horse completed the course fastest with no faults for missed obstacles? (Sable)

Our happy lunch was followed by autograph time. We collected everyone’s signature and they chose to draw a special picture, add a stamp or sticker for each friend. Frog was missed, but Daisy signed for him. Hope you feel better soon Frog! We hope these nature journals will be filled with your summer adventures. You can bring it back in the fall, or get another one to start next year.

We added a tree friend picture in our sketchbooks and certainly wonder what changes there will be in the fall.

Down in the cool cave we received our CNS Achievement Certificates for excellent participation, growth in knowledge, skills and being a caretaker for the environment. Congratulations to all of you! We are so proud:)

It was exciting to have all our parents join for a guided tour. I hope you got a chance to see all the treasured spaces around the farm. Thank you so much for coming out to show your caring support. This is a fantastic group of families and I feel so lucky to have you on board for the first full year of Coyote Nature School.

Special thanks to Daisy, who has been a true WONDER of organization and so much fun! We are also grateful to Mustang and Heron who were with us today to show off their horsemanship skills and keep the kids safe. Hope to see you somewhere along the trail over the summer. Happy first day of summer Forest Friends:)


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