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Another happy day:)

Celebrating a birthday in the forest is pretty special! Happy birthday to Hedgehog, who turns 6 today. A clay cake and nature dessert party were a perfect way to celebrate. We used a mortar and pestle to grind out those beautiful smells. Mixed pine needles, soil (chocolate), added catkin sprinkles, leaves, and the 'just right' twig stir stick. This is a sensory experience that connects us to all things around us. With names like, Nutty Crunch Surprise, Cone Spice and Chocolate Fudge Delight, you know this was sniffer heaven for our creative group.

Creek critters were out and busy today. We are getting better at both catching and observing these aquatic animals, and know how to use 'gentle hands' to make sure they are sent back to their habitat in good shape.

Learning about predator/prey relationships really comes to life when you are a fox trying to evade the coyote and hunter while tending to your den. It's a tough life out there!

Happy, active, and creative children came out this morning. There is so much we hope to return to tomorrow on our final day of summer program at Stoneridge Farm. Happy trails until tomorrow!


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