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Bats - A Life Lesson

We learn about predator/prey relationships using the bat and moth as our guide. Bat uses echolocation and so we shout and hear our echo bounce off the barn. We play bat/moth tag inside our human cave, then head to the hayloft to make our own bat cave out of straw bales. This holistic learning locks in new knowledge and helps us make connections to new concepts encountered later.

There is something special between children and horses. In a quiet old barn filled with the smell of hay and sounds of horses; there is space for some magic connections. We brushed, fed treats, swept up, and braided manes today. This is a horse crazy group of girls!

It was so much fun learning more about chickens. Feeding, collecting eggs, and watching their habits is a great way to appreciate the interesting life of birds.

Can't wait to explore more tomorrow Forest Friends!


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