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Bee Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day to be outside at Stoneridge Farm! The Acorns and Oaks group explored and used our imaginations as we walked along the trails.

We pretended to be honey bees looking for red ‘nectar’ to suck up and fill the hive cells. Time and care was taken to collect the ‘nectar’ with our water dropper and then bring it back to the hive to fill the cells. Everyone did so well to both use the water dropper and to take turns. How many different ‘nectar flowers’ did your child go to?

At the big maple tree, everyone picked a clothespin bee to travel with them through the forest. It was clipped to hats, coats and backpacks. Does your child remember the colours of their bee?

Stopping at Big Oak to see what is happening has been a regular thing and everyone is getting pretty familiar with this beautiful tree. Acorns still remember what Big Oak’s leaves look like and they were able to find them on the ground. Today, Big Oak’s new leaves were just starting to pop out. There isn’t any shade under Big Oak right now, but it's a sweet spot to chill with friends.

Pine Haven is a great place to play with others, have a snack, crawl in/on the tube and swing in the hammock. Log circle is also lovely for story time. Today’s book called “Flight of the Honey Bee” took kids on a journey with Scout the honey bee.

Today we walked the furthest we have ever walked with our Acorn and Oak friends. We stopped at the water to look, learn and play. There were cups, strainers and nets to help look for creatures in the water. We found two small bugs, one slug and two crayfish. When Dragonfly turned over the crayfish, we could see she was carrying some eggs on her body. The water is fun for splashing, pouring, and swishing too. What did your child like best about the water?

Happy Trails until next week Forest Friends:)


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