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Cloudy with a chance of FUN!

First day at the Welcome Spring program in Harrington was loads of fun! Mystery Forest is full of mossy logs, hidden tracks, and young things sprouting. Our forest friends loved the wander time to map their world in this new space. Making shelters with branches, finding their balance and just chatting with friends filled the forest with happy voices.

We noticed one quiet swan and lots of busy robins, red-winged blackbirds and loud woodpeckers.

You can chat with your child about...

* what type of deer are in these forests, tell me about their antlers and where they like to rub them?

* what little soft, brown and white critter did we hold near Great Grandmother Maple?

(Wooly Bear Caterpillar)

* did you collect any tiny things today?

* what did you do at 'wander time'?

Mother Nature smiled on us today, saving her showers for later so we could enjoy a picnic lunch with homemade dessert. Your child will want to tell you what they made and may remember taking a 'memory picture' at our bake table so they can recall the other amazing creations.

Another special treat were our community connections today. We visited the Harrington Library and Kathy Eastman the wonderful librarian shared a special story (Quick As A Cricket). Later we met Miller Tim, who took us on a trip back in time at the Grist Mill. We ground corn and learned about the pioneers who came to this area and built the mill to mill their grain. We were impressed by the curiousity and questions of our group!

Our cloudy day turned out to be filled with sunny energy. See you next Friday forest friends:)


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