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Colour Your World

The world is full of colour and today we explored the Farm looking for all the colours of the rainbow.

Red was everywhere so many leaves are red right now. Some of us were wearing red, but Wells had the most on with his red one piece rain suit.

The colours orange and yellow were also pretty easy to find. Scarlett shone brightly in her yellow one piece rain suit. We stopped by the “circle” for a snack and we sang happy birthday to Vic who is turning 2 tomorrow. Thanks to Grandma Tracy for sharing TimBits with our Acorns and Oaks friends.

Color the Sky by David Elliot was our story this week. There were different colours of birds in this book hiding, flying, and singing. Colours can truly make us all sing. As we hiked down the trails, we continued to look for greens, blacks and browns. Purple was the hardest colour to find. Finally at Raspberry Hill, Burk found a swished berry on a tree cookie which left a purple mark. So awesome to see what the toddlers can find when they are looking. Also we discovered that the stems of the raspberries are also purple. For today, we renamed Raspberry Hill to Purple Hill to celebrate the purple we found there.

We took a quick look for creatures in the tiny creek. It is still home to crayfish and other small bugs.

On our way back to the barn, we hid in the long grass. We thought we were like deer and made ourselves small tucked ourselves into the grass but not for long as we needed to get back to feed the chickens.

Asja found white with a Shaggy Mane ‘gourmet’ mushroom. We ended our hike with the colour blue. Everyone has some sort of blue they were wearing, but could we find it on the trail? Yes, we did. One of the very last trees along the trail was a blue tree called a Blue Spruce. How did we ever miss the blue tree when we started our hike?

Well, we had a fun adventure at the farm and had lots of fun finding colours in the world around us. Do you have the colours of the rainbow where you live?

Happy trails until next week Forest Friends:)

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