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Do you see what I see?

At Stoneridge Farm today, we shared and took turns playing and exploring. We look at a lot of things around us with our eyes. What could we feel and hear in the morning? The rain was so loud we could hardly talk to each other. We went up to the hayloft to explore and play while we waited for the heavy rain to ease up.  What did your child like about the hayloft?   

When we finally got outside, everything looked so green! We explored the gardens and the newly updated trails in the backyard. What did your child see along the trails? Animals like snails love the rain. What other animals love the rain?

The chickens didn’t mind a little rain. Seeing, hearing and touching the chickens might have been a new experience for your child. What did they like about visiting with the chickens and what didn’t they like?

Join me in saying thank you to Chickadee and Raccoon! Chickadee was such a great helper this spring and is looking forward to fall adventures with Acorns & Oaks.


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