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Down In The Dirt

Our Acorns and Oaks had lots to see and do today. Beginning at the bird feeder, we had a quick look before the birds flew away. We headed out on the trail and even Elmo the cat tagged along.

Along the trail, we saw and heard many real birds but we were looking for paper birds as we travelled to Pine Haven. What were the colours of the birds your child saw? We will have to be quiet next time we pass the robin’s nest along Tippy Trail.

Down at Pine Haven a short story called “Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt” was read by Dragonfly. We even had a look down in the dirt under our seats. What kinds of things were crawling under the logs?

Did you know worms don’t have ears but ‘hear’ through vibrations? We also had some fun on the logs when we started playing the drums and making music to wake up the worms. Thumping our drumsticks on different things and in different ways makes different types of music. What did your child like to thump?

Worms like mud so we did some painting with mud but first we had to make our paintbrush. Our paintbrushes were be made by selecting a perfect sized stick for the handle and some fluffy natural materials for the brusk. A twist tie, elastic or string holds all the natural materials together. Some gray clay, some black potting soil and some brown mud from a nearby puddle gave us a mix of colours for our artwork. We left behind some art for others to enjoy and took some creations home.

To end our time together, we divided into snails and worms groups. We met Coyote in the barn to visit the ponies and brush their coats. We even fed them a carrot treat with help. Chickadee took us to meet and feed the chickens and Dragonfly helped us plant some seeds in Coyote's garden. What kind of seeds did we plant? I wonder if we'll have any seeds sprouting in the garden next week.

Can't wait to see you in May little Forest Friends:)


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