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Finding Your Inner Fox

Updated: Jan 12

We all have an inner fox, or at least some version of canine that likes to growl, prowl, and howl. Our 2024 year begins with all of these things, plus some new forest friends to prowl along with us! After reconnecting and hearing some holiday stories of visiting with grandparents, new presents, and playing with pets, we officially began our day with a game where predator and prey meet. Who was the predator and the prey? Did you get away?

I am a forest mammal. I can be seen in forests, fields and even cities. I have orange coloured fur with white and black points. Who am I? Yes, it's Red Fox. A fox has an excellent sense of smell.  Like foxes, we used our noses to find others who were holding similar smelling containers. What were some of smells?  Which ones did they like? Each group we called a skulk which is the scientific term for a group of foxes.

Switching senses to our vision and turning on brains to tracking, we set off along the trail on a challenge to identify fox tracks, then spread out to find one fact about this fascinating canine. Test your child’s memory by asking them to go through as many of the 8 facts as they can. 

HINT: life span, diet, families, marking territory, homes. Now see if they can give you a realistic version of the foxes screaming howl. Terrifying!!!

We found some of our own canine prints and took a look to figure out who has been here. Keep drawing attention to tracks and patterns in the snow. This heightens the level of interest in the hidden life of animals.

On our return trip we were looking for puzzle pieces with words on the back. This was a fun way to review. Did we find all the pieces? Who helped out?

Getting back to the library is like returning home after being away on vacation. Such a comfortable, calm and welcoming place for all of us. Kids immediately gravitate to the colouring table with a step-by-step drawing or cozy up with a friend to read. Ask your child what they enjoy most about the library. Grey Squirrel had a beautiful story about a little red fox wondering when it might be time for them to strike out on their own. As I look at this crew it's clear how much growth we have seen in a short time. Just like little fox they are gaining independence in their actions and thoughts. See if this story brings out a conversation about how they see themselves along this spectrum of change. Are they ready to strike out on their own, if so, in what ways?

Check out our tear art creations in backpacks and booklets for more activities on our theme today. Thank you to our wonderful librarian for enriching our topics each week.

It seems this group has a condition called snow fever right now. Signs of this may include; screaming. when you see a sled, diving into snow without warning, constantly making snowballs that must be thrown or rolled, and just feeling dizzily happy outdoors. Tamarack and I agreed that we are both suffering too! This group likes to take risks, adding snowboarding as the next step up from singles, doubles and triples sled action.

Complaining of being too hot sent us on our next adventure on Butterfly Hill; meeting up with our tree friends. We were happy today to plan and prepare for a Tree Friend Open House, which included; putting up their homemade sign, identifying special features, and adding some fun details to make their tree the next hot destination. This activity offers kids a chance to be creative, but also to stretch their expressive and persuasive communication skills. Ask for a showcase of your child's tour and ask what details they chose to point out. Our three new participants met new tree friends today and will make name signs next week.

Where does the time go? it seemed like we were only outside for a matter of minutes when we realized that parents would probably be pulling to pick up children at any moment. It is certainly a sign of a great day when nobody is asking about home time and there is a collective groan when we mention having to head back.

Noteworthy today....ask your child about!

Excitement for next week will be adding Red Fox to our nature journal (just no time today) and starting the search for that perfect sturdy branch to be whittled and smoothed into our own walking stick. We are grateful to Cricket for returning to share her talents in knowing just the right place to be to help out. Raccoon is back with his camera and captured many moments we would have missed. Tamarack, Dragonfly and I are just so happy to have another season to explore with your children. I hope they come home howling with stories of our wonderful day together.


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