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Forest Trick R' Treating

Follow the clues to the baby pumpkin. Close by a sweet treat is waiting for those who call out “Trick or Treat”. From cats, to Special Ops, Tigger, Catboy and Owellett, a sock monkey and coyote, we had quite a voyage of festive feet along the trails. These kids gave lots of guesses to answer clues to find the little pumpkins hidden around the farm in places like the henhouse, hayloft, garden, new Curiousity Cabin, maple tree, cedar, log circle, and crayfish creek.

Snack time at Pine Haven is not complete without a story. Today we read about five little troublemaker bats with a worried mother bat trying hard to keep things under control. Sounds like parents on Halloween!

We love all our adventures, both together and when we head off on our own.

At our final stop a row of ten pumpkins was waiting, ready for a special face. A few markers and loads of creativity led to some fun faces and doodles We had lots of help from the speedy feet of Catman and friends to pull the wheelbarrow filled with our Halloween treasures back to the farm.

Lots of special moments and happy faces today!

Thanks to Chickadee (Gail) for all her help over the past 7 weeks. Our Tigger is celebrating a Halloween Birthday today!!! We will miss her next week for our final day, but I know she'll be back in the spring:). Our cameraman today, Raccoon (Gord) put his expert skills to work to capture our morning on this special day. We appreciate this!

Happy trails Forest Friends:)

Enjoy singing the ‘Parts of the Pumpkin Song’ together at home to the tune of Frere Jacques.

Little pumpkin, little pumpkin

Growing on a vine, growing on a vine

With a stem like a hat

And skin that’s orange and fat

With ribs like lines, ribs like lines

Little pumpkin, little pumpkin

What's inside? What’s inside?

Seeds and pulp that we can eat,

Turn them into tasty treats

Like pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie


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