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Happy Feet :-)

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Acorns and Oaks were back together today flying their clothespin butterflies all over the farm. We peeked in the garden to find mother nature’s gifts of pine cone, leaf, stick, and rock. Eyes open to the ‘things’ that surround us outdoors, we can now look for these small things with their shape, texture, colour, and name in mind.

Jester was excited to greet us in the barn and get his carrots. Big gentle Gus was his usual patient self, towering over the stall for a quick pat and a ‘heart’ brush.

Even the hens wanted to visit today, and we luckily found some eggs to take home for a snack later.

Taking the tunnel into the pines is a fun way to move from paddocks into the forest. We remember our log perches and are happy to sit for a while, have a snack and hear a story. The new book, “This Is the Tree We Planted” by Kate McMullan gives an appreciation for how much life there is in an oak tree. This leads us into making our own land art tree with all those beautiful materials just sitting on the ground waiting for us!

Nature bands are fun ways to look, collect, and create colourful bangles for our caregivers to wear. Feeling textures and having a quick smell too, gives brains that extra boost to remember and connect with living things.

Back to our waterway and critters that might be hiding there. We learned by seeing up close that the mayfly nymph is active in the water, then turns into a flying insect. Crayfish are amazing to see up close. We even got to see a female carrying eggs under her tail to protect them. Soaking up water with sponges was a fav today. Tough to move on when you're having so much fun!

Can't wait to see you next week Forest Friends :-)


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