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Kids These Days!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

What is it with kids these days? They are brimming with love for the trees, plants and animals. They get excited by a worm that will feed a newly planted sapling and offer help to pull a heavy load or steer someone new in the right direction. What is it with kids these days; they give us hope for a better future.

Chat about our theme today. We unscrambled letters to make three words. What were they and how did they connect with our Loggers vrs Trees game?

Trees are important and give something vital to all living things. There is a BIG word, photosynthesis. that we learned about today. Can your child remember the elements that come together in this very important process. Let their story be the starting place for this conversation that will deepen with their understanding over time. We took an up-close look at our hands, tree bark, leaves and other living things. What did you notice?

Hummingbird saw something dripping from the Paper Birch stump. What was it?

Picking up litter is just one way we were Earth Rangers today. What other things did we do to offer animals new habitat? Ask about the 'No Mow Zone' around the pond. We added some seeds. What do we hope to grow here and how did we plant the seeds carefully in this area? See if you can get the words, 'gentle footsteps' to pop up.

Cedar Hideaway is a lovely place near the water where we sometimes have wander time and lunch. Ask for stories about our wander and time with friends under the trees.

Our story today, The Lorax, tells us about human beings wanting and taking more than they need. See if your child can expand on the meaning in the story and talk about how their behaviour can show kindness to the land.

We love visiting our tree friends in Mystery Forest. Today we brought along new saplings to make a start here. What tree did your child plant? Is there a special wish after the planting work is done? (grow strong and healthy). Ask to see the beautiful picture of this little tree in their nature journal.

Mrs. Eastman chose our earth day to pick her own nature name. What is Mrs. Eastman's new name and why did she think this suits her? (Grey Squirrel) Our library stories were both words and songs. What animals were part of the song that follows the Twelve Days of Christmas tune. Does your child have a BFF? Ask them what an EFF is, and what problem does the earth need our help to solve? (plastic pollution)

Your child now has a nature sketchbook to bring back each week. They are welcome to add sketches connected with nature to show their friends at nature school. Let's leave lots of room for showing what we are learning about on Fridays.

A final gift from Coyote was a beautiful, delicate flower. What tiny bird will this flower attract?

Thank you to Tamarack for always showing her joy and celebrating as she mentors your children. Big Raccoon captured some pretty cool moments and stepped into Tamarack's shoes for the afternoon. We are grateful to be able to bring together this dynamic team for the Heron's.

Now tell about all the other stuff that made our day 10/10.

Happy earth day forest friends:)


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