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Mixing it up!

Happy Fall! The Acorns and Oaks group were out on trails at Stoneridge Farm looking for shapes today. Specially shaped ‘magnifying glasses’ were used by the Acorns to look at nature. What shape did your child have? Did you find anything along the trail that had that same shape?

At Pine Haven, we had a new activity called a Mud Kitchen. Simply put a Mud Kitchen is an outdoor play station that allows children to engage in pretend and messy play with dirt, sand, and water. The kitchen was busy with mixing, pouring and of course, spilling. What did your child make? Was there anything they did not like about this messy type of play? What surprised you about your child today?

This time of year there are so many interesting insect sounds. Today, we read the book “Singing Crickets” by Linda Glaser which was about the life of a cricket. Did you know that crickets sing with their wings? What else does your child remember about crickets?

There are other sounds in the forest. High pitched, low humming and chirping noises were all around. What other types of sounds did your child hear? Were they able to discover what direction the sound was coming from? What other types of creatures did we find today?

Remember to take some time to stop and listen to the sounds of Fall this week.

Happy Trails!


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