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Nature's Chorus

Updated: May 22

Whaaaaa,  Jug-O-Rum, Peep! Calls to find a mate or attract friends are SO unique in the world of frogs. Acorn recognized the high pitched whistling call of the Spring Peeper from time spent at his trailer. Frog and Toad calls are exciting and lead us into the world of wet and dry land amphibians. 

Ask for a little chorus for some, or check out this amazing reptile and amphibian guide from Ontario Nature.

Check in about some new frog or toad names your child can recall from today. Maybe Fowler’s Toad (whaaaaaa) or American Toad (trilllllll). Ask what makes these toads a bit different from their frog relatives.

Dragonfly shared a book about some pretty AMAZING frogs in other countries. See if you can get a retell about something very strange about them (Midwife Frog from Spain).

Toads need to stay moist and seek shelter in damp and cool shady places. We crafted toad houses using stones and sticks. Ask for a memory tour of your child’s unique toad house. 

The wind kept us cool, but as the skies darkened we headed back to the homestead. The crop fields have just been plowed. What cool crop will be planted this season (black beans). 

Junco was back to help us make a personalized leaf stone. Some chose their tree friend leaf, others tried a plant impression. Get a step by step on how these were created. Thank you so much Junco (Linda) for bringing all the supplies and sharing your talents for this project. 

Our barefoot path stones are hardened and laid out near the mud kitchen. Walking barefoot is such a wholesome way to get in touch with the earth and may have some surprising healthy benefits. We will be adding new elements to our pathway for more tantalizing sensations next week. Raven must have had an encouraging leader to beat her fears - congratulations Raven! Ladybug seemed to enjoy her tour around the blooming trail loop as well:)

Wow Moments *see if your child can tell you about some of these moments

Our birthday boy, who is now (unbelievably) 7, is writing up a storm and is a super keen explorer! Happy birthday Squirrel!!

Memory stones are left in new places to be discovered next visit. Dragonfly thinks a frog or toad might hop over one while you are away.

What do frogs eat?  They eat quick a variety of life found in their habitat. What kinds of animals will eat frogs?  How do frogs escape being eaten by a bird like a Kingfisher? Hint: remember the three options frogs had in the game. Move quickly or camouflage or freeze. How did we make it harder for the frogs to survive in our game?  

Green Frogs lay between 1000 and 5000 eggs late spring to mid summer.  Now that is a lot of eggs!  Can you child recall the life cycle of a frog or toad from egg to adult?

Today, we took some time to write down some interesting facts about frogs and toads and also draw a picture or two. I can't imagine that we covered and learned everything about frogs and toads today. What does your child wonder about? Encourage your child to do some research this week at the library.

We are thankful to Dragonfly for her awesome energy and games, Raccoon for the cool shots of happenings many of us would miss, and to Ladybug and Raven for seeing needs and giving loving support. We missed our Daisy today, and look forward to having her back next week. It seems we have a consensus wish for a Campout Day. Start thinking about camping supplies you have in your basement and we'll be in touch with our grand finale lineup. Keep your keen observer glasses focused on all the spring changes in the world. See you next week!



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