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Nature's Gifts are Timeless

Berry picking has been our passion, it's relaxing, social and delicious!

We are a group that loves outdoor adventure. We are watchers like the Owl, listeners like the Deer, movers like the Wolf, hiders like the Mouse - all having our place in the forest. Today we read "Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox" which describes some traits of the animal totems we chose. Taking on the names of local and wild animals is intentional and leads to wondering about these creatures, wanting to research, getting connected, and making a commitment to caring.

Some research may be requested tonight at home in to crayfish. We had questions today....

* How can you tell a male from a female?

*How many eggs do they lay?

*What is their life cycle?

Creativity in making a collaborative land art piece begins a day filled with cooperation.

Learning to be safe and calm around large and small animals helps children understand respect and improve listening skills. Jester the Fjord pony loves being groomed and fussed over. We now know some names of brushes, body parts of the horse, and different tack for riding. Connecting with the horses seems to be a real favourite activity of the day.

Everyone is happy with the attention of this wonderful group....

they just want MORE!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Forest Friends:)


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