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Netting an adventure!

What to do for a finale for the Acorns & Oaks program at Stoneridge? Why not just take the time and do some exploring? Just using your eyes, ears and hands will even work. Snails, flowers, chickens and eggs.

Today, everyone had a net and a bug bin and help from the wise 'oaks'. Using nets to see what lives in the plants.

In the creek, we used nets to see what lives in the water. We found a crayfish or two. Seeing the creatures up close, some thought it was a crab or a lobster.

As a part of our final day, Coyote met us at Pine Haven. She looked for creatures with us and even taught us a few songs. A song called "Listen to the Water" by Bob Schneider was interactive with all the movements.

"Pond Circle" by Besty Franco had all kinds of pond animals in it. What animal in the story made a howl?

As a final activity, we picked a few things on the way back to the Silver Maple tree. Then we got a (facecloth) canvas to arrange our items we collected. Did you have a favourite flower?

Finishing our eight week program with all of you and seeing your creativity was like a present to me. I hope you continue to walk/hike trails this summer and see how nature changes. I know I have seen you all grow and benefit from being outside! Happy Trails! Dragonfly, Coyote, Chickadee, Raccoon and Ladybug.


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