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New connections

What an amazing group of adventurers who arrived at the farm this morning. We found our way around the trails following clues and finding hidden letters.

Ask your child to share some stories...

*What were some of the places you found clues (woodpecker tree, crayfish creek, tree cookie circle)

*Did you collect letters? What message did you figure out?

*What animals live in the little waterway?

Connection with animals is a real highlight here. We start with touching noses and patting necks, and are just learning about safely moving around horses and how to brush them. Tomorrow, more exploring horses, visiting our frenchie friend pups, and learning more about our chickens.

Games like camoflauge teach us to be still, blend in, and wait patiently. Ask your child if the Great Horned Owl found their special hiding place.

Being sneaky is so much fun!

Looking forward to more adventures tomorrow! Happy trails forest friends:)


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