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Not my first rodeo!

Stoneridge farm has plants in the smelly garden, veggies in the other garden and so many plants along the trail which are taller than most of the little Acorns. Watering the plants in the gardens to help them grow was a great way to start off the morning.

We hurried down the trail to Pine Haven while using numbers and collecting things along the trail. What did you use to collect the items off the trail? After collecting the items, we could use our imagination to create a picture or artwork around the firepit.

Collecting things out of the creek proved to be difficult today but we managed to find a few worms and a couple of crayfish. Sometimes we don’t need to collect everything. Sometimes it is just good to look. What did your child see while at the water?

Pine Haven is a great place to explore and socialize with others. The hammock, the tunnel and the logs are all fun activities at Pine Haven.

At the end of the program, we had some time with the horses and some time for craft. Not everyone got to do everything but we’ll be sure to include some time next week. What did your child like or not like about visiting with the horses?

Thanks to Chickadee for the awesome pictures of today’s adventure.

Happy Trails!


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