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Open A Window On The World

Finding our truth is possible when wise ones share stories, children have space to wonder and ask questions; when we talk about history through the lens of those who lived it. Today our guiding focus was on the 13 Grandmother Moons, told in many ways, but always holding seeds of connection to the earth and cycles of life. Let’s explore what your child took away from this lesson. Ask them about...

*What are some of the moons and stories for each full moon cycle?

*How does the turtle act as a calendar of seasons changing through each year?

*What is your favourite moon? What is your birth moon?

*What word means moon in Ojibway language? (Giizis)

Check in backpacks for a moon guide to help with this conversation.

Our day started with being grateful for the leaves changing colour, and we found out later through the 13 moons activity that we are in the Changing Leaves moon. Look up in the next clear night sky for this big harvest time orange moon.

During wander time Larch remembered the bear moon and pretended to be a bear sleeping in a small shelter he had made. Construction work is VERY tiring, right Tamarack?

We learn from some indigenous elders that all living things have special powers and abilities. Today we found pictures of the nature names of our group and guessed at some these strengths. Chipmunk in our group feels connected to chipmunks because they are fast and he is fast. Our firefly connects with her animal totem who sometimes stays up late. We will continue to research and explore to get to know our nature totems better.

Library time took us on a deep dive through a beautiful book called Be A Good Ancestor by Leona and Gabrielle Prince about being a living ancestor. Plant this seed further by rereading this book as it will grow the feeling of collective responsibility and show that everything we do has a ripple effect in the world. You will want to find this book and share it. Another amazing piece of literature called . My Powerful Hair which led us to trying our hand at finger braiding with Grey Squirrel. Look in backpacks for your Every Child Matters booklet to extend the learning. Thank you once again Mrs. Eastman for being a wonderful teacher.

In our afternoon we opened the window on the life of seeds, starting with a fantastic book (we didnt’ finish) called A Seed Is A Start which captures the way seeds travel and the unique suitcases which protect them. Ask your child about our seed hunt; how did we start with apple relay, what types did they find and what others did Coyote bring to share. They will want to show you their special seeds in a secret envelope. Plant it and watch it grow!

Head out on a seed walk to see what wonders you can find!

Tree friends are central in the minds of many of our kids. They have loved their coniferous tree friends in Mystery Forest, and today we made a new deciduous friend on Butterfly Hill. Ask for a full story about their tree species, age (baby or grandpa), features, and a cool nickname. Get excited about a full year of updates on this new relationship as it develops.

We are grateful to have Cricket growing into a ready hand to focus the learning, Osprey for her excitement for learning along with us and Tamarack, Dragonfly & Raccoon for being the experienced ancestors at nature school. This community is growing with ripples moving outward. Thank you for sending the urgent message to your community that we need to grow a generation who will cherish what the ancestors have left in our care.

See you before the Falling Leaves moon Forest Friends:)


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