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Outside and Loving it!

How do you spend an entire day outdoors?  Just ask one of the Chickadee friends who were laughing and learning outside today at Stoneridge Farm.  Our Forest Friends shared their Top Ten (favourite) activities and here they are in no particular order.

  1. Opening Wood Shop #2 at a new location in Pine Haven

  2. Sneaking off with sticks from the Wood Shop

  3. Opening a restaurant with a full menu and a buffet

  4. Pop-up style forest restaurants “Burger God” and “Way Sub” opened and closed quickly 

  5. Working at Wood Shop #1 was fun

  6. A crayfish was found in the clear water of Swallow Falls near Pine Haven

  7. Eating at the new restaurant

  8. Rock-Paper-Scissors with a twist on the life cycle of a bug

  9. Hammering nails into the Bug Hotel which is now open for business

  10. Putting together a buffet of food and resting areas in the Bug Hotel 

We have some budding entrepreneurs with a tremendous amount of creativity.  What one activity did your child enjoy today?

The memory rocks that we painted last week were placed at our tree friends today. While at their tree friends did your child notice anything different?  What was at the end of the branches? Around the tree trunk?  Just for your information, the beech tree still has its orange/brown leaves on.  What is that tree telling us?

Bugs and birds were flying all around today. What were some of the best spots to find bugs?  What kind of bugs did your child catch?  Potato Bug, Ant, Ladybug, Beetle or other bug-like creatures like Centipedes, Millipedes and Snails.

Are you dreaming of a vegetable garden this year?  During snack time, we read the book “Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt” by Kate Messner.  What lives in the dirt?  Life in the soil is important for growing plants.

There was a big project today and everyone needed to lend a hand. Our project today was to build a Bug Hotel. The hotel was made of many different things. Can your child remember three things that they did to help build the hotel? Items like paper rolls, bricks, small pallets, roof and a piece of plastic were all provided. What nature items did your child collect to add to the Bug Hotel? Why did we build a bug hotel and would your child want to build one again?

Ending the day in a reflective way was a great to help remember what we learned and also leave us feeling energized. There were colourful drawings and a few words that Forest Friends used to help remember how to make a Bug Hotel and other adventures of today. Remembering the connections with nature and with friends will leave me smiling until we meet again! How about you?


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