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Owl Eyes, Dog Nose, Deer Ears, and Racoon Hands

We are immersed, using our senses to become fully aware of the nature that is all around us Starting right off with a cool discovery of a open Robin's egg, leads to sharing of knowledge about animal behaviour..."did you know mom Robin's scatter the egg shelves so predators don't find their nest". Kids just open up when discoveries happen, ready to tell their own stories and add their understanding.

Today was FULL of those discoveries. A turtle sighting, finding that perfectly ripe berry, touching the starchy surface of a paper wasp nest, becoming a worker bee, and so much more!

Ask your child about the busy life of Apis Meliferra.

* How do bees know where the flowers are?

* What jobs do they do inside the hive?

* How do they slurp up nectar and what do they do with it?

* Where is pollen stored as bees fly from flower to flower?

* How long does a worker bee live?

Bees give us a window into the intricate web of animal lives right in our own back yards.

History is all around us in the hamlet of Harrington. We are so lucky to have Miller Tim and Betty with so much knowledge about the history of the Grist Mill. There was so much packed in to this tour today. Here are some highlights to chat about at home.

-Water wheels and turbines, how they drive the machinery

-Grain being ground into to flour, rolled or chopped

-Belts running the elevators to bring grain up and down

-The Mill fire and new Mill built 100 years ago

Grinding corn was a fun experience, so check pockets for kernels and cobs:).

See you again tomorrow. More rollicking good fun and adventures to be continued...

Happy Trails Forest Friends.


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