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Pals, Pumpkins and Painting!

There’s something in the air! I can appreciate the extra effort it takes to adjust to the cooling temperatures of fall. I admit I had to dig out my hat and mitts for today’s program. Today, I was impressed by the way everyone came prepared to explore Stoneridge Farm and the willingness of all to engage in today’s activities.

What was hidden along the trails today? Hint: they were large round, colourful vegetables. How many did you find? Sometimes we have to look harder to find living things outside. When it is cold animals will find shelter or a home which is out of the wind and the rain. Where did we find animals today? Today was a lucky day for finding slugs and snails. What were some of the colours on the snails? Can your child draw a snail from memory? (Adults can also challenge themselves to drawing a snail)

Today, we also painted with sticks. Yes, finding sticks with a hollow pith or middle provided a place to insert a cotton swab. The finished pumpkins were very colourful!

Visiting the hayloft today, there was exploring, jumping and creative play. A hayloft is where the bales straw and hay are stored for the barn animals. The story today was The Nut That Fell From the Tree by Sangeeta Bhadra which is a great book with a repeating pattern as well as a story about how trees and animals are connected. What animal did your child get excited about? What did your child like best about the hayloft?

A Love of Leaves activity is the WOW Activity for CNS this week. Check out the Facebook posting for step by step instructions. A great activity for the whole family!

Thank you to Raccoon keeping an eye on the Acorns and taking the pictures today!


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