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Predator or Prey?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Adventure is out there! Creating a hidden home, collecting food, evading danger and working together are all part of staying alive in the forest. By reading tracks and looking for signs we figured out what animals are active this season and discovered what it is like to become one of them. In the end we tallied up our food sources and life tags, finding out how successful we were in our animal groups. Predator-prey games are so much fun and full of learning.

What a beautiful day to be outdoors, enjoying a picnic lunch with new friends and looking 'up close' at small treasures on Butterfly Hill.

Appreciation for the gifts of nature and the skills of animals is learned through 'hands dirty' activity. Making nests using mud, dried grasses, sticks and even pieces of yarn just like the birds, is messy creative work in Cedar Hideaway.

What a great start for Coyote Nature School this March Break. Happy Trails!


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