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Ready, Set, GROW!

Change is the one constant in nature. Our garden is changing with some plants growing and others withering in the heat. It’s tough out there! We found a tiny stream helpful in getting water to our turnips, kohlrabi and flowers, and took time to pull some weeds! Visiting these places every week gives a new perspective on the cycles of plant and animal life. We were happy to see Marsh Marigolds and Skunk Cabbage getting bigger and spreading around the boggy places near the garden.

A sneak into a new forest brought a SURPRISE! Someone left an art piece made with natural materials, a tree picture in a log frame. We decided to add our own special touches and left it for the next adventurers to enjoy.

It was a day full to the brim with learning. In our books, learning is noticing, creating, exploring, questioning, participating, and persevering. Here is a snippet of what we heard and saw that shows a smidgen of your child's learning today:)

Aubrey (Wolf) *setting out to research an unknown tree, offering to make all the ‘pansy’ signs

Jack (Moose) *telling us that crooked Manitoba Maple was cut down to make way for an excavator

Ben (Acorn) *noticing the feeling of cool creek water on bare toes in rubber boots and loving it!

Oriah (Spruce) *looking closely to identify spruce needles to match with their fish scaly tree bark

Oakan (Hummingbird) *creating a delicate pinch pot filled with small treasures for her tree friend

Max (Cougar) *asking to bring his journal along to be sure to record what might happen NEXT

Jack (Salmon) *sharing an idea to add pine needles and cones to the mystery land art

Emily (Arctic Fox) *thinking like a crayfish to figure out where they could be hiding

Hadley (Chickadee) *dealing with a sore eye but still adding ideas and doing her very best

Journal writing is our way to take a memory picture of our day. Cougar enjoyed looking back on our other days together and recalling things we did and places we visited. It was awesome to find a cool place in the Grist Mill basement to get our ideas down. You might want to have a peek in your child's nature journal and ask them to tell you more about what they added today. We love having some special stickers, tracing windows, shiny paper, stamps and more on hand to add flare and fun!

Games are a great way to be active, build physical skills like balance, fitness, coordination, and maybe remember new nature names along the way.

Thanks again today to Mrs. Eastman for showing us how to make seed bombs with shredded paper, soil and seeds. Ask what seeds your child added to make their recipe. We forgot them at their drying spot so will send them home next week! Our librarian certainly is the BOMB - we are so lucky to share time with her each day at nature school.

It's always more fun having new friends join us! Thanks to Ashlynn (Cottontail), another star student from my Little Falls Forest School class in grade 2. Now, so grown up and super helpful and kind.

Until next week....keep an eye out for all those little things changing and growing OUT THERE!

Great day Forest Friends:)


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