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Sorting through Seeds!

The trails at Stoneridge Farm are full of fall colourful wildflowers mixed with seeds. Sometimes bringing simple ‘tools’ along can make a forest adventure more interesting. For instance, using a sock on your hand or foot (over a shoe or boot) will collect those seeds that like to cling to things like burrs from the burdock plant. Later, you can take time to pick them off the sock (or your clothes) and sort them. Recognizing the difference between clinging seeds and clinging bugs will help your child be more comfortable on forest walks. Did your child enjoy collecting seeds today? Did you collect different types of seeds?

Snack time at Pine Haven was accompanied by storytime with a book about a seed. Our story today was called Little Acorn by Melanie Joyce. What animals were living in the branches of the oak tree? What shape is an acorn?

Focusing on developing fine motor skills, we made some colourful bead trees. Did you child pick the colours? What did you notice about your child?

Crawling, walking and swinging are all fun movement activities to do while at Pine Haven. Did your child have a favourite activity today?

Another ‘tool’ to have in your backpack is an egg carton. A Seed Treasure Box made with an egg carton is mentioned as the WOW Activity for CNS this week. Check out the Facebook posting for step by step instructions.

Thank you to Chickadee for your support and to Raccoon for taking the pictures today!

Get outside and continue to enjoy the beauty of fall with your family this week!


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