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Stuck on a Feeling:)

Happy hearts today as we get more familiar with the farm and it's many living things. Here we are setting off to a favourite quiet spot to start our day together.

Ask your child about....

*What is special about one of the red hen's at the farm?

*Which plant or tree did you choose to start your day?

*Can you remember some of the animals found in the woods in our read aloud story today?

Such beautiful sunshine today!

Of course the little creek fills us with energy and watchfulness. We wait patiently like the heron to find a crayfish, minnow or waterstrider.

Ask for your child's BIG fish stories from this water time.

We fit in a quiet sit spot today, opening all our senses and looking at the world from a special spot. Time to reflect is at a premium in our busy lives, and children need this time to consolidate learning or just to wonder about all that surrounds them.

You never know what you might find when sitting still and just observing.

Interesting stories and cool discoveries came from this short reflection time. A daily practice?

Thank you to our volunteers Mustang and Wolverine, who are so caring and engaged with each child. We are grateful for their kind help!

Thanks for sharing your ideas for tomorrow. See you again soon Forest Friends:)


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