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Time Travelers

Step into the Harrington Grist Mill and you are transported back to the 1800's. Back then, looking out the mill window you would see dense forest to the horizon with a rocky stream passing by. Miller Tim (T. Van De Kemp) takes young travelers back to this time period to learn about the fire that burned the thriving mill to the ground, and how it was rebuilt on its original foundation in 1923.

Coyote Nature school gets a front row seat for these special lessons and enjoys ongoing visits inside this beautiful post and beam building for art, journal writing, singing and quiet reflection each week. To get the full story you can ask your child about the parts of the grain that is milled and what grain we made into flour? What might it have been like to live in Harrington 200 years ago?

On our next adventure is was also surprising to see the life that is under the leaves. 'Bugs', animals without a backbone, are eating up the leaves and finding shelter under them. No matter what time of year, bugs are around. Yes, some of them will die because it is too cold or they can't find enough food. We found ten different types of bugs in Mystery Forest. Can your child remember any of the bugs on our list? Which bug did we find a lot of? How did this bug end up on Eagle's nose:).

For fun we played spider, spider, bug which is a version of duck duck goose.

We practiced using our upper body to pass the ball during a game of mosquito vs dragonfly.

Exploration and imagination are skills which our nature school friends are actively developing each time they come to Coyote Nature School.

We love our weekly connection with the Harrington community. Next week we look forward to a creative project with Mrs. Miller. Happy trails until next week Forest Friends:).


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