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Trees Are Sanctuaries

We were busy as squirrels at nature school today! Leaping right into a cooperative game of ‘Untangle’, taking lots of problem solving and movement. Onward to our own squirrel version of tag which requires mental (where did I hide my nuts) and physical stamina. Game play always brings up questions about adaptations - “can I steal from another squirrel’s food cache” or, “is it a good idea to hide all my food in one place”. This is the story of life for all of us in the animal kingdom.

Returning to Mystery Forest for a second visit made us all take up-close time looking for changes - “who has been here since we left”. Sticks from forts have fallen, fungus showed up, a tree lost a branch. Keen observation is a skill fostered through repetition and an abundance of praise.

The magic of connecting with a new tree friend never gets old. The lines of our palm act as a guide to finding a matching branch pattern on a special tree that becomes 'known' to us, like kin. There was so much enthusiasm for finding, drawing, and noticing the fine details of our tree friends. We now have a connection to this place that will be here for us through the years. This is comforting news to children in a world with a rapid pace of change and uncertainty.

Wander time led to lots of new construction and some cool discoveries.

Challenging your edges, or pushing boundaries, is something we all need to do in order to grow. Even big people should try things that might feel scary.

This gang is bringing along the BEST weather and a wonderfully curious spirit to Harrington each morning. We look forward to our final day together tomorrow. See you again Forest Friends:)


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