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Under One Sky

A brilliant blue sky with billowing dove-white clouds, the perfect rooftop for our final day together. New friendships have been solidified and we are at that nice comfortable place where curiousity is flourishes. There are so many more requests, suggestions, floating of ideas, and strong opinions. This is how we know that learning if really happening.

Today we were scavenging, opening eyes to small details outdoors; a small feather, Y-shaped twig, or perching bird. Working together to spy and record findings is the beginning of research skills. Ask your child what other things they were on the lookout for and where they were found. What was their groups 'free choice' item?

It is shocking to see so many crayfish in such a tiny waterway. We have had the opportunity to observe their behaviour together, and it can be FIERCE! We forgot to get Wolf to share his research about crayfish! Keep finding out more about these amazing creatures.

Nest building is both art project and exercise in taking on animal forms. We used our beaks (wooden clothes pegs) to collect materials together for this construction. It was both fun and frustrating. Now we appreciate the HUGE task making a durable, comfortable nest is for our songbirds.

Sit spot reflection time gives space to open our senses and notice what is happening all around us. Time does slow down and gives us glimpses of magic; like the speckling light filtering through the leaves above us, cool view through a leaf with holes, or taking time to help an ant stuck in a stick (all shared by the kids). Ask your child what they experienced during their sit spot time.

We are very thankful that Ella Haight (Fawn) choose to spend a whole week of her holidays sharing her sizable brain and unfailing enthusiasm as a volunteer with this summer program. Ella was a stand-out student of mine in the grade 2 at Little Falls Forest School. It makes me very happy to know she loves to return to nature and share all she has learned. We welcomed old friends Tamarack (Tammy) and Raccoon (Gord), to join us to help and record our adventures in pictures. Community members getting involved demonstrates to children that grown ups also care about mother earth and sharing their knowledge of the natural world. Thank you friends!


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