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Walkin' on sunshine

And don't it feel good! We had a great time together with warm spring temps and sunny skies.

First steps along the trail were up-close and watchful for colourful leaf pieces, small petals, even burrs to add to our nature wrist band (bracelet).

Onward to Mystery Forest to get reacquainted with our tree friends. These trees reveal their secrets: small hidden scars, twisty trunks, little notches, deep furrowed bark, as we use our senses to fully appreciate their beauty. I can tell you what is special about my tree and may even wish to add more to my journal, about the features and feelings we share.

There is so much curiosity - How can you tell the age of a tree without chopping it down? What bird makes that sound? Do all animals leave fossils? Do you think I can climb that tree?. All great questions which deserve exploration.

We explore through stories. Our favourites were “Be A Tree!” by Maria Gianferrari, “If You Find A Rock” by Peggy Christian.

We also explore by turning on all our senses to see the world in a BIGGER way. Smelly herbs like Sage, Garlic, Bee Balm and Lemon Balm wake up our noses and were so fabulous to add to our potions. Just ask me what super power my potion has!

A first of the season wade in a shallow pond spot! We can't believe how full of life this pond is. We find bugs that are busy moving in and on top of the water and are fascinated by scooping up and taking a close look at their features before gently placing them back in their habitat.

Rocks, smooth ones for special messages, give us spaces to write and draw. Even ones we find along the shore are washed with tiny paint brushes and dried in the sun to add to our collection. Check pockets as some small treasures may have found their way home.

It was a busy day of learning, with time working through some tough words for our journal entry, and dealing with big numbers as we decide how many bites it might take to eat Hadley's huge muffin or the age of trees in the forest.

We are thankful to Fox (Oriole) who was in my Grade 2 Forest School class way back in 2016 and came out with so much enthusiasm to share today. Also, we enjoyed having Gord along this morning, as he quietly captured our wanderings with his camera. Our day would not be as bright without Snowy Owl, who makes sure each of us feels heard throughout the day. Thanks also to Mrs. Eastman who shared a beautiful story and song from the Harrington library.

We can't wait to see all your shining faces next week in our favourite places around Harrington.


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