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We Remember

We begin everyday with gratitude and today we remembered more than just what our Earth has given us. Today is Remembrance Day and we took some time to remember those who died for the freedoms we have in Canada today.

Maps can help to see information and details about the world around us. It is a unique way of showing how we see the world and also a way we can connect with others. Road maps can show us the roads and the places we might want to visit. By knowing what roads to take and what direction to go, we can get safely to our destinations. What does your child know about where they live? What Country, Province, City, Street?

On the forest floor of Cedar Hideaway, we used natural objects to create a 3-D map of an imaginary or real place. There was Smelly Chicken City, Harrington Bridge, Raccoon City and Dragonfly City. While touring these 3-D maps, we could hear and see from the ‘map creators’ what was used to build their map and what it represented. Bark, sticks, moss were all used to show rivers or water on different maps. Twigs and dead cedar leaves were stuck in the ground as trees. In Dragonfly City there was a road sign which said “Lava Road”; we better watch out. The walnut duck in Racoon City made me smile. Speaking of raccoons, we saw some tracks in the mud down by the water too.

Back at the library Mrs Eastman read us a story called “Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion” by Jane Barclay . It got us thinking and learning new schema about war and remembrance. Thank you for sharing it with us!

After a healthy serving of lunch we played some active games. Although today was a bit cloudy and wet, it didn’t bother us. Nature school kids really know their compass directions. Is a compass really necessary when you have the sun? Can your child point to where the sun sets at your house? In which direction does their bedroom window face?

Writing in our Nature Journals is sometimes hard but we work through it together. We help each other out with sounding out and spelling the words. Today we were thinking about our favourite places. Hummingbird drew a picture of her swimming with her friend while they were camping. Larch just loves Northern Ontario for all the Black Spruce trees so he drew some trees. Do you know what your child’s favourite place is? Take some time to show them a map of the location of their favourite place. On the map, look for the “Title”, “Legend”, “Scale” and most importantly the “Compass Rose”.

Late fall is a great time to plant a tree. We took some time to find the perfect spot of sunlight, soil, space for planting a tree in Mystery Forest. We all took turns digging the hole, tickling the roots and putting the soil back in the hole and around the tree. Thank you tree for all you do! Grow big and tall in your new home!

Today we made some great memories! See you next week Forest Friends:)


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