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We Take Flight!!!

A wonderful day is when you arrive with a feeling of uncertainly and leave with comfy pockets full of warm memories (along with snail shells, wishing rocks, a ball of river clay, smelly flower, and a burr). Today we took our test flight in this beautiful farm setting and landed on some really fascinating adventures filled with creatures great and small.

We travelled in a deer trail along pathways where birds are super busy making nests and laying delicate eggs. Our careful footsteps and quiet forest voices allowed us to get up close to see mother nature at her best! We wondered if two different birds used this nesting spot. Can you see an egg that doesn't match?

Observing flight patterns, listening to unqiue bird songs, and checking in field guides adds to our bank of nature knowledge about what species of birds are out there in our own backyards.

We wanted to try our hand at being a nest builder, using materials around us to construct a sturdy and comfortable nest. Birds make it look easy, but now we know it takes talent, practice and instinct.

Finding the perfect cedar tree to tuck our nest in can be VERY satisfying:)

The creek is teeming with life and spongy clay to mold with our hands. When we studied pictures of what might be living in this little waterway, we were very keen to get a closer look.

Gathering tools and finding those sneaky hiding spots was a challenge, but we finished our creek wander with 27 aquatic critters including water striders, crayfish, and mayfly larvae. We missed the many minnows who are super swimmers and very quick to flee when footsteps near.

We found some cool places on the farm that give a high up view or a quiet place to rest. A busy day needs some stillness and peace.

And puppy cuddles.

Thank you to Fawn for being a wonderful volunteer explorer. We love her super powered energy and big sense of fun.

Thank you for visiting on this beautiful day in May. Hope you can join us again soon:)

Happy Trails Forest Friends


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