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Welcome Spring!

Updated: Apr 4

Eye spy so many changes here at the farm. Garlic is sprouting in the garden, new flowers and green grass is everywhere and the chicken house got some fancy trim. Our tree friends have made some changes too. We were all about greeting this dynamic new season today.

It didn't take long for a shocking discovery to be made. What did we find and how did we help solve the problem? Here are some pictures to guide your story, just scroll through the slides.

There is nothing like an egg hunt (I know Easter is over…oh well) and we had a special  message to solve. What was the message? 

We plan to create many new memories this session, so decided to kick it off by creating a special memory rock. Our story, If You Find A Rock, talks about all the kinds of rocks we connect with in our life. Does your child recall some of them big or small. Coyote brought some along to share. Which one is your favourite and why? We will use these memory rocks by putting them in places we want to remember and finding them again on our next visit. Maybe there will be some critter visitors who enjoy your painting:). 

Down to the willow dome, over the plank bridge and up into the small spruces. A perfect place to pull out our camouflage game. Ask about their best hiding spot and if they were able to evade the Owl. On route we talked about how we find things left from people who owned the land before us. What did Coyote dig up over the break and why is it important to collect this. Thanks to Squirrel for pulling out a post that was left behind. 

Wander time is amazing at Christmas Forest, Crayfish Catch and Raspberry Hill. Chat about the creative play, risks and challenges during this time. We saw lots of stretching imaginations along with some balancing feats. 

Special Spots...Special Finds...New Learning

See if your child can tell you about any of these places, discoveries, observations, or creations.

In the afternoon, we put our senses to the test to really get a feel for some of these changes which only happen in the spring. Each group was tasked to find a special spot to investigate more closely like a scientist and then mark it with some caution tape. Why did they chose their spot? What made it special?

Our scientists set off to find and mark six signs of spring in that space. What did they smell, see, feel or hear? Everyone went on the Spring Returns Tour to hear and see the signs of spring. Sometimes we heard about the same or similar things like green grass and scat and some times it was completely unique to a location. There were some small, living things found like a tiny snail, mini pine cones and small mushrooms.  Animal homes and nests were found within their spaces. So many things can hide on the land and now we realize that gentle footsteps are important.

Don't forget about the special astronomical event coming up on April 8. In our area, the moon will be blocking out the sun as a partial eclipse. We acted it out to get the metrics of what is happening in space. Remember to be safe and not look directly at the sun without proper solar glasses.

It was so great to see Daisy back in fine form after her holidays and Raccoon's expert eye behind the lens (obviously). Dragonfly and Coyote tag team our day which gives the kids the best of both of us. I'm sure we will have so much to talk about next week after the solar eclipse. Enjoy!



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