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Wonder, Wander

Changing and growing, our little acorns are experiencing this themselves and seeing it mirrored in the natural world. Our chrysalis has turned black and opague, with orange and black wing patterns visible through this delicate sleeping bag. We hope to see this beautiful creature emerge, but she still needs time to develop.

Fall is an amazing time to head out on a walk, and little feet got busy looking for different colours and shapes of leaves, seed pods, and some late flowers too. We shared the book ‘Leaf Walk’ by Virginia Brimhall Snow, which tells the story of a grandmother and her child collecting leaves. The pictures are bright and so real looking you almost feel you are viewing someone’s leaf collection. Of course we had to end by sharing our own leaf collection on canvas and turning them into a leaf storm over our heads.

Snack up in the hayloft on a blanket is pretty cozy in the rain. Our story today was ‘Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn’ by Kenard Pak, which shows the many ways animals and plants are getting ready for the colder days ahead. Climbing on bales is a pastime of farm children everywhere and these small hands and feet were quick to get scampering.

Visiting the horses (Libby and Sable) and learning about brushing them was exciting. Soft brushes move with the coat sweeping off the dirt. These soft horse coats are so fun to touch and brush. Thanks to some helpful hands we get the floors cleaned up and hay fed. Ask your child to show you how to hold an apple safely for a horse to eat.

With all the rain, the chickens were mostly hiding under the henhouse, however, a few eggs were collected and grain fed. The arena is a great space when it’s wet. Colouring, playing ball, and watching horses in the paddock made this fun free exploration time.

Our Oaks are so watchful and find just the right time to steer their children to the ‘sweet spot’ for learning something new.

Can't wait to see you on the farm again next week Forest Friends:)


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