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Worms, Mud & More

A rainy day in Harrington didn’t keep the turtles away. Worms were our theme of the day. Our adventures were a little bit indoors but the rest of the time we spent outside learning and exploring. Indoor activities included reading, drawing and building. Everyone had fun looking for ‘pipe cleaner’ worms in the bowl of beans. How many ‘pipe cleaner’ worms did your child find? What colours were they?

Worms live under the ground, so trying to find worms can be hard. We found some sticks to help dig and move leaves around. We looked in a few special spots. Killdeer picked a leafy spot and Cardinal picked a sandy spot. We tried a worm dance a few times and in a few different spots. Ash your child teach you the worm dance and explain why it tricks worms to come out of the ground?

In Mystery Forest, we even looked under logs. We found some other things that were not worms like a centipede and so many millipedes. Ask your child about what they found in Mystery Forest? Blue Racer found a worm in a puddle. Rose found a worm in the mulch pile and one by the hall. We didn’t find many worms today. I wonder why?

Outside, we also had some time to play and wander. Trying out new ways of moving and learning to play with others. We stopped by the pond lookout bench and came across a rose. Bluebird told us a story about her friend Louise and why the bench had her name on it. Playing on rocks, rolling down hills, jumping in puddles (a fun activity today) and swinging in trees are some highlights from today.

We got in touch with our creative side and made some of our very own paint brushes using natural materials. What did your child pick for the natural bristles of their paint brush? The paint was also naturally made mud. Most of our creations didn’t make it back to the hall in one piece so please enjoy the ‘works of art’ pictured here. Inside the hall, we used crayons, pencil crayons and painted with mud for our worm homes or burrows. We also made some clay worms to put on our burrows. You can see these budding artists took their time and concentrated on what they were creating. Ask your child what they liked best about creating today?

There are still lots of places we haven’t explored yet around the Mill Pond. Hopefully, we will get to explore Cedar Hideaway next week. Happy wiggy trails Forest Friends:).


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