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Yours In Nature

Updated: Jun 13

We’ll meet again soon. You’ll recognize me in a swaying branch, distant cheery note, rustle in a bush, and all manner of feelings, smells, and colours. I am nature of course. Your new found friend:). I’ll be with you through this long summer, into fall and beyond. We are on a lifelong journey together. Let’s stay connected!

Stoneridge has been your special place to join with mother earth. Keep telling tales of those fun places, your tree friend, the old barn and loft, spending time with the hens or around the cabin tree table. I bet your feet have been in most places around this farm. 

Today, you’ll have stories about our campout. Use these pictures as stepping stones to talk about things that you enjoyed. Our nature school friend, Hawk, brought the ideas for crowns, wishes for the world, and memory stones to our campout today. Thank you Hawk for bringing your talents to us, and being one awesome friend to CNS!

Your nature journals are now home with you with a page where everyone in our group signed their name or added a note. Enjoy writing about your outdoor adventures, recording things you see like animals or plants that catch your eye this summer.

We are so happy to recognize your achievement in attending a full year at Coyote Nature School. You have grown so much, gained skills and hopefully have loads of happy memories. 

CLASS OF 2023/24

Missing: Turtle & Rose

We are grateful to the moon and back for Dragonfly, Daisy, Raccoon, Raven, and Ladybug. This strong team finds ways to support and share their skills in every way possible.

Next year the Chickadees will welcome Beaver (who your children will know), Daisy, Raccoon and Coyote as nature mentors. I’m sure Dragonfly will drop in sometimes too. Your tree friends will be ready to greet you on your return in September or whenever you come visit.

Happy trails until we meet again forest friends:)

Yours in Nature


P.S. To Parents…

The flower gifted to you is to recognize your actions to create a strong bond between your child and the natural world. You understand this as a critical necessity today and in the future. You take time to prepare them and ask for their stories, you support the vision we have created for this place. Thank you, for showing up with a smile and such good energy to hand your children over to the woods each week. I’m beyond grateful to have you on this journey with us!



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